HR Office

We are a boutique consulting firm formed by the personal experience of its founder, partners, and consultants.
We want to be recognized for our spirit of innovation, consistency, and solidity in the solutions we offer and interventions we do, the results of which should exceed the expectations of our customers, contributing far beyond the thresholds of our projects.
What we offer is the vast experience of those who have achieved success in organizations at different stages of maturity and in different business culture environments.
We believe that relationships should be long lasting and that the sensitivity as to how our interventions are carried out, as well as the total proximity to our customers, is key.

Our services:

• Support by consultants with extensive experience: our team provides guidance and independent support to ongoing projects.
• Diagnostic tools and decision: alternative solutions are based on diagnoses and guides.
• We develop surveys and study the HR challenges with appropriate methods to identify insights and innovative applications.
• Benchmarking and contribution of best practices: we provide benchmarking services that help organizations prioritize actions quickly.