We live in a highly connected environment in which management was forced to reverse its role, trying to balance its original and important function of filtering, dispatching, and retaining information with the need to disseminate and use it extensively as a basis for keeping teams operationally efficient – as such, SPEED and AGILITY become key attributes and managers are now faced with teams that are ready to respond at the speed of a mouse click!

In this context, to get PERFORMANCE out of the teams (draw out the key competencies), a new balance had to be found, moving from vertical logic “controlling management”: “I know, I tell you what to do, I’m always checking, looking over your shoulder” to “gardening management”, which deals with the logic of collaboration and creativity: “I don’t command the environment (like a garden) but I can act in accordance with it, supporting its own resources, to produce the expected results”.

Subjects, models, and tools:

– Performance Measuring Systems
– Merit-based Model
– Variable Compensation
– Integrated Business Management – based on the principles of Management by Quality
– KPI platform for People Management
– HR – Model for Planning and Alignment to Business and Strategic Management